Kids Camping Gear

If you are looking to spend quality time as a family then why not go camping? When you go camping you have the chance to enjoy the nature around you and to go swimming, fishing, and to share songs and stories by the camp side. In order to make your trip fun and worthwhile you need to give your kids the necessary camping gear.

Sleeping Bags

The tent is an obvious supply that must be used for both the parents and the children. However, the floor of these shelters are not sufficient enough to provide comfort to sleep on throughout the night. You need to purchase a sleeping bag or an air cot for your child. It is best to purchase one that is bigger then your child so they do not feel cramped.

For $25 you can purchase a sleeping bag that is made with the best insulation to keep the warm during the winter or cool during the summer. With a contoured hood and a draft tube you will keep them snug and warm while they sleep and still have room for their favorite stuffed animal.

Camping Clothes

It is not safe to go walking through the woods without the necessary camping clothes. Make sure that you purchase a swimsuit, boots, socks, long pants, and long sleeved shirt. These long sleeved shirts need to only be worn when they are trekking off the path in the woods. It will protect their skin from poisonous plants, spider, snakes, and unseen bugs.


Every good camper needs to be able to carry their own supplies. Purchase a backpack for each child to carry around water, sunscreen, and anything they want to have. You can purchase these camping backpacks for under $20. They are designed to be lightweight and easy for any boy or girl to carry.


Camping is fun – but when you are surrounded by nature anything can happen. It is up to you to make sure that you and your children are prepared for whatever happens. Stock up on tons of water and keep a first aid kit at the campsite and in your backpack. This kit should contain band aids, alcohol pads, sunscreen, and large bandages.