Kids Camping Games

Camping is fun for children of all ages – but only if you know how to make it fun. Kids love the freedom that they have to run around and make as much noise as possible without disturbing anyone. However, structure is needed and eventually they will get bored of only running around. Try to create some kids camping games that will help them to keep them busy and enjoy and possibly even discover the nature around them.

One great way to do this is to bring a magnifying glass and binoculars for each of the children. These can be purchased for under $10 each and are a great toy that will children will love to have. Pass them out and tell them you are going to examine small bugs, birds, and plants up close.

Create a small folder or notepad for them each to have. Tell them that they have to name ten different types of plants and animals that they find around the area and write them down. Make sure to keep a close eye on what they are doing and keep them from trying to eat berries that might be dangerous.

Another great game to play is the alphabet game. Have your child run around and try to find something that starts with the letter of the alphabet. Have them go in order and help teach them new plants and animals.

What fun is camping if there is no campfire? Make an edible campfire using a paper plate, spoon, fork, and a cup of water. The plate will be the fire pit, the fork will be the rake, and the spoon the shovel, and inside of it will be red hot candy, raisings, pretzel sticks, and shredded coconut.

Use all of these to teach them how a fire is created using the wood and kindling. Have them each build their own fire pit with fire in it. Then teach them fire safety rules and the proper way to put out a fire using the cup of water. With just a few simple materials you can create a whole lot of fun for your child.