How To Camp Safely

Camping is a great way to spend time as a family and to enjoy the nature that surrounds us. It is important that everyone – especially the kids – understand what can happen when you do not follow the necessary safety rules. Go over each one with them, stress to them how important they are, and make sure they can say them back to you.

Hide The Food

When you are out in the woods you are surrounded by nature and animals not people. They have a keen sense of smell and they know when there is food lying around. Make sure that your kids know to seal away any extra food they did not eat and not to leave large pieces of meat or bread on the ground. You don’t want ants or bears being attracted to it.

Don’t Touch Animals

It is rare for most people to actually see wildlife while on their camping trip – but it is not impossible. If you run across a deer or other animal you should walk slowly in the other direction. They will spook very quickly and some will become territorial. This is especially true if you run across a baby. This means that the mother is close by to make sure no one bothers them.

Thick Shoes

Now is not the time to care about how you look and dress. The woods is the place to wear long pants, thick socks, and boots. Leave the sneakers and sandals at home and make sure that you are always wearing the boots – except when you are asleep. This will keep the small insects from crawling in your shoes and biting you.

Don’t Eat The Berries

If you cannot identify the plant you are looking at than don’t touch it. Tell your kids that not all berries are edible and the wrong ones will make you sick or could even be poisonous. Try to bring along a plant book so they can use it as a reference.